52 Week Mega Money Challenge

For many of you who started the 52 Week Money Challenge I published on 1/29/16, I hope that you are having a blast. I am also doing the challenge, and I can see the increased savings weekly. Your success will be determined by your discipline to follow a schedule. If you have missed a week or two, the great thing is that you have a schedule that you can follow in order to get back on track. Some readers indicated that they would love to have a more aggressive saving schedule which at the end of 52 weeks will result in more being saved. I heard you. Well, I do have a more aggressive saving schedule for you. In this challenge which can also be found on SavingAdvice.com, the weekly amount saved will be in increments of $5. Instead of amassing $1300+ after 52 weeks, you will have more than $6800 saved. Not bad for an aggressive saving habit, utilizing spare money you might have, or making an extra effort to cut back on non-essential spending and direct that money to your saving challenge. For many of my Caribbean, South American and African friends, you can have your own Sou-sou or Partner. “Happy¬† Savings”.



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  1. I like this mega challenge much more than the ‘normal’ 52 week challenge. Its pushing you to challenge yourself to ‘catch up’ and succeed at saving. Thanks Malcolm. I will bring this to my friends attention.

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