Would Sudden Wealth Influence Your Attitude?

Have you ever experienced a friend, maybe a family member or even a colleague suddenly having a change of attitude as a result of acquiring a financial windfall? Maybe, they received a huge bonus, a large court settlement or a large insurance payout. There are many people who suddenly have a change of attitude when they acquire their windfall. How do they change? Maybe you have noticed them suddenly driving a luxury car, buying expensive pocket books, started wearing designer suits, moved from an apartment to a mc mansion even though it’s too much house for them, splurging on expensive jewellery and so forth. Think for a moment. If you were the one who acquired the financial windfall, will you be affected like the examples I gave above? If your answer is yes, why? If your answer is no, why?

Usually when people act the way I described above, they begin to change their identity and suddenly allows the windfall (money) to start to define them. Financial success is a great thing. If your financial cup is running over and you have more than enough, you should be grateful and turn your attention to helping others. I once heard a wealthy guy say “true financial success is how many people’s lives have been changed/impacted for the better because you lived”.

I would like to introduce you to a story about a young man who had a sudden financial windfall, but he did not allow that to change or define him. He still lives his core beliefs that he had before the money came. He is 24 years young and none other than Kawhi Leonard, player on the San Antonio Spurs basketball team. Here is the story written by Lee Jenkins in the March 14, 2016, issue of Sports Illustrated.

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