Good Money Habits

Ever wondered what money habits you would need to possess in order to live well and retire with financial dignity? If you never did, it’s not too late, and it’s critical that you do so soon. We all need to invest time into visualizing what we want our financial futures to be like. We need to set up a financial plan for “that future” and then work from where we are now, to that financial future we envision. I once read a quote that said “take care of your future, you have to live in it” – so true. If you did, maybe you already have a plan, maybe you are well on your way to living the financial life you envision congratulations. People who live well financially, have good money habits that they practice consistently. One simple habit of saving a set amount automatically monthly, is a good money habit that can be very rewarding long term. I will introduce you to an article written by Mark Henricks for on the Essential Habits Of People Who Are Good With Money. I hope that these habits can help you change or enhance your financial situation for the long term.


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