Live Below Your Means

One of the challenges that many people face on a daily basis is “keeping their finances in check”. Why is it so hard/challenging? As a people, we are inundated with so many opportunities to spend money. For many people, there is never a thought to identify if what we are tempted by is a need or a want. Our wants are unlimited. However, our needs are more specific. If we can focus more on what we need instead of what we want, we will have more money left over for the emergencies we know will show up at our door steps, usually unannounced. So, maybe we need to ask ourselves when we are tempted by that attractive, cool new toy that many people have and it’s only $299 (Hoverboard). Do we really need one, or do we just want one? If we can shake off the temptations of wants and mostly stick to needs, then we can possibly have a similar story of “living life below our means” like this young man.
Please click on the link below to read this incredible story shared by Steven Kutz (personal financial editor) –


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